Tips for Optimal Engine Performance

The engine in the car is the most important vital part because it works as a driver of a car that really needs regular maintenance. We should understand how to take care of a car engine so that it is always primed. Do it simply by taking care of the car engine without having to go to a workshop so that it works for a long time, namely by always cleaning the parts of the engine itself. It’s not only a matter of body care, which is always cleaned to keep it shiny, but the engine sector also needs attention so that its condition is maintained and maintained. This is so that the performance of the engine does not decrease and is durable so that damage can be prevented. The following are tips for maintaining optimal engine performance:

Use appropriate and quality fuel

Quality fuel means unleaded fuel. Better yet, use fuel with the RON recommended by your car manufacturer. Because quality fuel will keep the engine always in its best performance. In addition, quality fuel can also prevent the engine combustion chamber from crusting.

Avoid using additives in fuel

In general, these additives are offered with the aim of increasing the octane rating to improve engine performance and reduce knocking, but these additives can contain chemicals that are not suitable for the condition of the car.

Clean the filter pipe

The oxygen content that is absorbed into the fuel will certainly affect whether or not the combustion process is complete and of course the performance of the engine itself. Before flowing into the fuel chamber, oxygen will first be filtered through the pipe. The goal is that the incoming air is clean, so that the space in the fuel remains clean, not crusty so that the performance of the car engine is maintained.

Pay attention to the ignition system

How to care for the performance of a car engine that you can do is pay attention to the ignition system. The fuel that is filled into the car needs a combustion process so that the car can run. In the combustion process, the ignition system of the car must remain stable so that the performance of the car engine increases. When the ignition system is unstable, the car you drive will feel heavy, you will not feel comfortable driving it.

Apply Eco-driving techniques

Apply eco-driving techniques. Do not overheat the car, turn on the air conditioner after the RPM needle stabilizes, avoid sudden acceleration and braking, and shift gears according to engine speed for manual transmission cars. In addition to maintaining engine performance, some of the eco-driving techniques above will also make fuel consumption more efficient, aka more efficient.