Tips for Caring for a Car Body to Always Shine

Caring for your favorite car is very necessary, especially by cleaning and caring for it, considering that it previously had high mobility. Maintaining the car body is especially useful for providing a comfortable feeling when used again. The following are tips for caring for the car body so that it is always shiny:

1. Wash the Outside of the Car until it’s Clean

Make sure the car is perfectly dry so that water spots or mold do not appear on the body or windshield, including under the car, considering that it is now the rainy season and dirt is stuck under the car to avoid rust as part of how to take care of the car body. Check the parts that can store water, such as door panels, wipers, tank caps, grille gaps and fog lamps, as well as the meeting between the door and the car frame.

2. Remove Stubborn Stains

Check the car for the risk of getting stains or soot from air pollution, asphalt, and insects. Use a special liquid to clean insects and stains, do not pry because it can scratch the car body. For glass, you can use a glass cleaner so it doesn’t cause fog. This liquid also coats the glass so that rainwater can fall directly like water on taro leaves.

3. Clean Car Cabin, Luggage and Engine Room

Take out the entire car carpet and clean it with clean water and cleaning soap. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean dirt in the cabin such as under the seats and dashboard, storage cavities, and gaps in the seats that have the potential to store dirt such as food crumbs, including the trunk area. Avoid spraying the engine compartment with pressurized water, especially electrically related parts and simply use a damp cloth to remove dirt.

4. Car Body Polish

Car body polish can lift dirt that sticks to the car body and make the surface clean and shiny again. In addition, at the final stage of polishing, caring for the car body is usually carried out by a waxing process to provide protection on the paint surface with a protective material to withstand sun exposure. For those of you who want maximum polishing results, not tired and easy.