The Best Tips For Maintaining Car

Mastering proper car maintenance methods can make your Pins vehicle last a long time. Car performance that is always good will reduce the risk of disaster. Starting from cleaning the engine and car body with the best car shampoo and other steps.

Based on a survey from the American Automobile Association (AAA), it is reported that the cause of the destruction of most cars comes from a lack of proper and periodic maintenance. Then, how to maintain a car that is good and right? The following is a guide to maintaining a new or used car.

Car Guarding Method

How to maintain a new or used car can actually start from yourself. Here are some car care tips that you can follow so that you can always drive safely. Also so that the vehicle is always clean and free from annoying insects.

Use High Octane Fuel

The first way to protect a car is to use high-octane fuel. Not only is it more environmentally friendly it can also extend the life of the machine.

High-octane fuel can travel longer distances than low-octane fuel. The pull of the engine becomes lighter so that long trips will also be safer.

Regular Oil Change

Cars have 3 types of oil, namely axle, engine and transmission. This type of engine oil is the most frequently exchanged compared to the other 2. Change the engine oil when the car has traveled 10,000 or every 6 months. If using a combination of mineral oil, the calculation is every 5,000 kilometers.

For axle oil, usually every 2 years or every 40,000 kilometers. For a transmission oil change is when the car travels 80,000 kilometers. If Pins ignores the guidelines for caring for this car, it can cause the car’s engine to heat up quickly. Fuel becomes more wasteful because the oil doesn’t work to make the engine pull.

Fill the Water Radiator with Coolant

To cool the car engine, you need to fill the radiator with coolant. Coolant has an anti-rust agent so that the engine does not corrode easily. Undergo a very long radiator water drain once a year. Filling the radiator water is recommended when the car has traveled 10,000 kilometers.

Replacement of the coolant water is needed if the color has started to fade, become cloudy or even looks dirty brown. This is not only important in terms of maintaining new cars but also for used cars.

Check Battery and Tires

Carry out battery water control once every 2 weeks when using a wet battery. Make sure the battery water is at the proper level, which is below the indicator limit line. A problematic battery can be seen from the cloudy water. Continue with measuring battery voltage using a voltmeter.

Meanwhile, the guide to maintaining a car, especially in terms of tires, must take into account its age. Pins need to change tires if they have a Tread Wear Indicator (TWI). TWI is located on the edge of the tire with a small triangular shape. If you have passed TWI, it means that the tires are worn out, so you need to try replacing new tires.

Check Brake Fluid Volume

How to maintain a new or used car requires paying attention to the volume of brake fluid. Brake fluid serves to lubricate the disc and lining.

Routinely check the volume of brake fluid in the reservoir tube. Pins can change the brake fluid when it has traveled 40,000 kilometers or once every 2 years.

Car Engine Rinse

How to maintain a car so that it lasts a long time also needs to pay attention to the cleanliness of the engine. By sterilizing the car engine can avoid inhibition of heat release.

Wear is also avoided and protects the electrical connectors. Do not sterilize the car in a position exposed to direct sunlight. Rinse when the engine is cold.

Check Lights, Signals, and Cables

The way to maintain new and used cars can be done by checking the cables and lights. Check whether there are broken cables, loose or the lights are starting to dim.

If it causes damage, quickly change the spare parts that the manufacturer recommends. Also make sure the signal works as it should.

Warm Up the Car As Needed

Actually, Pins doesn’t need to warm up every day. For cars from the 90s and above, they already have one way valve.

For the oil to circulate properly or to fulfill the electricity supply to the battery, just heat the engine every 3-7 days. Pins can heat up for 5 minutes. Turn off the air conditioner and make sure the handbrake is on. No need to press the gas pedal but the transmission is in neutral position.

Don’t be Lazy to Wash Your Car

The correct car care guide is not to be lazy to wash. Especially the mirror part so that it is always clear and clear.

You can wash tonce a week so that the body is always shiny. Use car soap and a soft cloth so it doesn’t disturb the paint.

Run Servicing Regularly

Get regular tune-ups or servicing. For a new car, when it has reached 1000 kilometers, it requires service to the garage.

Meanwhile, old cars are usually tested when they have traveled 10,000 kilometers or once every 6 months. Orderly service can play a role in checking engine performance and increasing driving comfort.

Drive Wisely

Drive wisely so that engine performance is always maintained. For example, avoid suddenly reducing the brakes.

Reduce speed when passing through uneven paths. Position the transmission gear properly. Do not exceed the specified load limit

Protection with Insurance

Add vehicle insurance protection to reduce future risks. Car insurance provides protection from damage due to disasters to evil deeds.