Important Things About Seat Belts

Each car is equipped with a seat belt as part of the safety of the passengers. This seat belt will keep all Nissan Lovers in a sitting position while the car is running. So, in the event of an emergency or accident, you can avoid a collision with the hard interior of the car.

Unfortunately, there are still many car drivers who underestimate the function of seat belts and wear them as a formality. Some even wore seat belts just for fear of being pulled over by the police. So, to keep your driving activities safe and comfortable, here are some important things you should pay attention to about seat belts.

Important Things About Seat Belts

Passengers in the Rear Cabin Must Wear Seat Belts

This seems to be the most common mistake. In fact, just because you’re sitting in the back seat, doesn’t mean the risk of an accident is lower. Actually the risk tends to be greater.

If the accident occurs while you are sitting in the rear cab and not wearing your seat belt, you are likely to be pushed forward a greater distance. As a result, the impact force that occurs is harder. Maybe you’ve read the news about a car accident where the front cabin was filled with passengers piled up. This is caused by customer passengers who do not use seat belts.

Put on your seat belt before driving

When do you usually buckle up? Always install it before the car starts, especially for those who are driving. The reason is, wearing a seat belt while driving can reduce concentration, especially if driving at a high enough speed. You might lose control of the steering wheel. Therefore, make it a habit to fasten your seat belt before starting the car engine. If necessary, stick the post-it on the car dashboard so you remember it.

No Need To Add Accessories

As a car owner, it’s natural that you want to beautify the interior appearance of your car by installing various accessories, one of which is the seat belt. Maybe you want to match the color display with the car seat.

We recommend that you do not need to add accessories to the seat belt because it can reduce the grip on your body in the event of a collision. As a result, the seat belt may not function properly. Moreover, car seat belts have been designed to a certain size and made of a special non-slip material to protect the safety of passengers.

Sit in the Right Position

No less important than the use of seat belts is the sitting position in the car. Try to sit up straight. Do not lower the seat back more than necessary because in the event of an accident, the seat belt could pass through your waist and forcefully hold your stomach. As a result, your neck can be at risk of injury. Especially for car drivers, adjust the sitting position so that it is not too close to the steering wheel.

So, make sure the car you are driving has a seat belt feature in all parts of the bench in the car cabin. You don’t have to worry about that when you drive your own car.