How to improve the performance of a car engine that starts to sluggish, number 3 is often underestimated

Finding the performance of the car starting to sluggish will certainly make a bad mood. Especially if you are a lover of speed, of course goiter if the car no longer has a powerful pull.

Well, if you have found the performance of a car like this, there are several ways you can do it. Like what? The following is his presentation, as reported by various sources.

1. Reduce car load

Reducing the weight of the car is the first way to increase engine power. It’s no secret that the heavier the weight of the car, the slower the car’s speed.

For that it is necessary to reduce the burden on the car if you want the car you are using to run stably and of course powerful. Empty the car by removing unneeded items.

2. Use a barrier-free exhaust system

The use of free flow exhaust can also help improve car performance. Unmitigated, the power that can be added with this type of exhaust is 5 to 10 horsepower levels.

However, in Indonesia its use is prohibited for daily use. This is because the sound is noisy and is not environmentally friendly due to unfiltered exhaust gases. In Indonesia, the use of free flow exhaust is only allowed for racing events.

3. Replace spark plugs

Another way to increase the engine power of a car that has begun to sluggish is to replace the spark plugs in the engine. If you want more aggressive and fast engine performance, you have to replace the car engine spark plug with a new one.

4. Use quality oil

Oil has various functions in the engine. Starting from as engine lubricants, engine gap seals, engine coolants, and much more. Given its crucial function for the engine, the use of good quality oil can certainly increase engine performance.

5. Increase machine capacity

The next way to increase engine power is to increase the capacity of the engine itself. This method has been proven to increase engine power. However, this is quite extreme because the risk is high.