How to Get Rid of Stubborn Gasoline Smell in the Car Cabin

The smell of gasoline is sometimes very strong in the car cabin. This of course will make you dizzy or even lose focus on driving which if left unchecked can be dangerous.

The smell of gasoline in the car cannot be removed just by opening the car window. It will disappear for a moment, but not completely. There are several effective ways to get rid of it.

So how? Here we present some steps to prevent the smell of gasoline that appears in the car cabin,

1. Find the source

The first thing to do is find the source. Check the car carpet and other parts. If you have found the source, the next step is to clean and wash it.

2. Put the coffee beans

If the source of the gasoline smell has been cleaned but still smells like gasoline, place some coffee beans under the seat or in the car and leave it within 1 week.

Coffee is believed to be able to absorb everything associated with bad smells, including gasoline.

3. Use baking soda

Another neutralizer that can be used to get rid of the smell of gasoline is baking soda. Just sprinkle it on some parts of the car and leave it overnight. The next day, the sprinkled part is cleaned and the smell of gasoline will disappear.

4. Leaving the glass open for 24 hours

The easiest way is to leave the glass open for 24 hours. By opening the windshield, the air in the car will continue to circulate. But remember, also pay attention to car safety.