How to Avoid a Collision from Behind

Traffic accidents happen regardless of time and place. Most people still often assume that multiple collisions are always caused by a lack of vigilance from behind-the-scenes drivers. In fact, there are also many cases where the vehicle in front can cause problems. Therefore, you should be careful when on the streets. Here are a few things you can do to avoid a rear-end collision.

1. Always Keep Your Eyes

Collisions are often caused by the carelessness of other drivers from behind who are not quick enough to maintain a safe distance from other cars in front. But it should also be noted that keeping your eyes on the road is also important. This is to know the condition and situation of the road. Don’t read messages or take calls when you’re driving alone because focus is important when you’re driving.

2. Maintain a Safe Distance

Maintaining a safe distance is certainly one of the most important ways to avoid traffic accidents. This is intended to prevent sudden brakes from other cars. You can perform the 3-second distance counting Technique to measure your safe distance. When crossing objects around, it starts counting three seconds. Hope this three seconds can be your calculation and enough to respond to emergency situations.

You can also avoid this by always checking your rearview mirror as often as possible because what can be dangerous can happen from places that are difficult to see.

3. Obey Traffic Rules

Many motorists still do not obey traffic rules, especially the minimum and maximum speed rules. In fact, this can trigger an accident hit from behind.

Anything in excess will not be good, as well as the speed of your vehicle. Vehicles that are at very minimal speed will make it difficult for other vehicles behind to anticipate the distance of the car. And for a very fast vehicle, it will trigger an accident if you fail to control it. Always use a path that matches your speed when walking. Use the right lane if you want to overtake another vehicle.