Guide to keeping the car body from rusting

There has been heavy rain again in recent weeks. This will make the car body dirty faster. So, if we ignore it, it has the potential to make the car body, especially the paint, dirty and damaged. Not only that, a dirty car mirror will disturb the driver’s thinking and has the potential to cause rust on the body.

car body

Car Maintenance

To avoid rust, Automotive specialist provides light tips to prevent the body from getting dirty and rusty. Note that the remaining rain should not dry out on its own. Even though it looks clean, residual rainwater has a lot of impurities and is acidic in nature. When the marks have dried, dirt spots will be left behind and make the car paint look dirty. There is a risk of causing rust if it hits a damaged car body.

Try not to park the car in the open. Parking in the open will make it easier for car paint to fade due to alternating rain and heat. The change in weather from rain to heat and so on will make car paint easily damaged.

Do not forget less, wash the car regularly. Don’t delay washing a car that has been exposed to rain all day. Even if it doesn’t look dirty, there are potential problems if you don’t wash your car quickly. Make sure the car body is dry to prevent mold or water spots which are very annoying by washing it at least 2 times a week.

Body Car

Don’t forget to clean under the car. Many important components such as suspension, steering and braking systems are located under the car. Dirt will increase the failure of mechanical components where dust infiltrates into the gaps or joints between parts.

Check the rust of the car to the repair shop. You need to know, rust is a very disturbing latent hazard because it will make the chassis structure and fragile. Even though there is an anti-rust coating, you should undergo anti-rust re-coating every 2 years.

Lightning repair scratched. Rust can develop on the body or chassis of a car that has wounds such as scratches or dents,” . For him, the rainy season is not over yet, so the vehicle owner must keep the car body so that it is not dirty and free from rust.