5 Ways to Remove Scratches on the Most Powerful Car!

Your car has scratches and are looking for an easy way to remove scratches on your car?

Don’t worry, before you take it to the workshop, maybe you need to try some of the tips that we will share below.

Most drivers must have looked for ways to get rid of scratches on their cars because they had minor accidents such as being grazed, so that the car body was scratched. In addition, traffic congestion and congestion can also cause the vehicle’s body to collide with motorcycle riders or other drivers so that the car becomes scratched.

Well, to get rid of scratches or scratches that result from friction, it can be done in several stages without having to take your car to a repair shop. At least you need to try this method first.

Preliminary preparation: measuring the depth of the scratch

Each car paint has 4 layers, namely clear, color, primer and steel layers. If the beret is only in a clear layer or color, it will be easier to remove. Scratches or scratches of this type are also usually due to accidental injury to the car.

However, if you have a scratch or a scratch that makes the color different from the car’s color, then the beret is in the deep category.

How To Remove Scratches On Cars With Various Materials

Clean the car body with water

Sometimes, many people think that their car is scratched even though it is very small and almost invisible. In this condition, you can try cleaning it with water.

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Use a wet chamois or wipe with a soft cloth when you want to clean your vehicle. In addition to cleaning thin scratches, this method also cleans the car as a whole. So, you don’t have to bother taking it to the car wash anymore. Is not it?

Use compound

How to remove scratches on the car is easy to do. If you find any scratches or scratches, you only need to prepare a few tools first, such as: a polishing tool, a soft cloth and compound.

Before polishing, there are several steps you should take, namely:

  • Make sure the part of the vehicle that is affected by scratches is in a clean condition
  • If you need to wash first, then dry with a dry cloth or cloth
  • Use the compound to polish the scratched areas. Never apply compound excessively. Because this will damage the paint of your own car.
  • Wipe the compound in one direction. Do this repeatedly so that the scratches are not visible anymore
  • Remove scratches with toothpaste

In addition to cleaning your teeth, it turns out that toothpaste is also able to polish a car that has scratches. You only need to prepare a soft cloth plus toothpaste.

First wash the car that is scratched. After the car is clean, you should dampen the cloth with a little water.

Then pour a drop of toothpaste on the cloth that was previously installed. Then, rub the part of the car that has the scratch in a circular motion so that it is evenly distributed on all sides.

This toothpaste is useful for removing thin / light scratches or scratches. If the beret is included, this method is useless.

Use brake fluid

In addition to toothpaste and insect repellent, you can also use brake fluid as a way to remove scratches on your car. This liquid is also very effective for removing scratches on the body of your car.

How to use it:

Take the brake fluid and pour it in a dry chamois. You can also pour brake fluid directly on the scratched area. But remember, avoid pouring it into a car body whose paint is still good because it will damage your car’s paint.

Next, clean immediately with water and then wipe with a dry chamois. This must be done because brake fluid is very strong.

Bring a magic knock workshop

If your car is scratched deep enough, you should take it to a magic knock shop.

This option is the best way to quickly return the car paint to its original state. However, this is done if there are scratches or scratches that are too deep. If you still have light beret, you can do one of the five ways above.

Those were the various ways to remove scratches on the car that you can do yourself at home. Hope it can help solve your problem.

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