4 Ways to Make Your Own Tire Polish Liquid, Cheap and Festive You Can Make Using Tools At Home

Driving a clean, neat, and shiny car will certainly make us more confident, aka confident and of course will be much more comfortable. It turns out that it’s not just a matter of body and interior that can be shiny, tires are often a concern for car owners who always want to look sleek.

Usually after the car has been washed, the car owners smear or spray the mainstay polish. But what if it suddenly runs out or is it at the end of the month? It’s easy for you to make your own tire polish using the tools you have at home, here are 4 ways.

1. Use dish washing liquid and soft drinks (Fizzy Drinks)

Who would have thought, dish washing liquid can actually be used as raw material for car tire polish. The method is easy, you also have to prepare soft drinks. This time we take the example of Sunlight dish washing liquid and soft drink. First, wash your car tires using a brush so that dust and dirt or residual mud that sticks out are gone.

Prepare a container for the tire polish liquid, then pour a bottle of soft drink measuring about 250 ml, then add 1 tablespoon of Sunlight Stir well the mixture of the two liquids, remember, no need to add more water then apply evenly on the walls of your car tires

2. Use granulated sugar dissolved in hot water.

This second ingredient must also be in your home kitchen, Black Pals, namely sugar. The second step to make your own car or motorcycle tire blackening liquid, you can use sugar water. Yes, water dissolved in sugar in the kitchen, it can also blacken the surface of the walls of your car tires.

Here’s how: First clean your car tires from dust and dirt by washing them while brushing. Prepare liquid sugar water using water in 1 medium cup mixed with 4 tablespoons of sugar. We recommend using hot water so that the sugar dissolves more easily with the water, wait until the sugar water is cold, then it can be applied to the surface of the car tire wall using a brush or sponge

3. How to Make Car Tire Polish from Cooking Oil

There is one more cheap and easy-to-find material in your home that can be used as tire polish, namely cooking oil. The liquid that is usually used for cooking can indeed polish the surface of rubber or plastic.

But to use it, choose cooking oil that is new and has never been used. Use an old paint brush or toothbrush, or a sponge to apply cooking oil to the surface of the tire wall until the tire looks shiny. If the oil applied looks excessive, it can be wiped using a clean dry cloth.

4. Homemade Car Tire Polish Using Silicone Liquid

This one method might be a little ‘expensive’ because you have to buy silicone liquid. But don’t worry, of course the quality of the polish is much better and durable than using the 3 ingredients above.

All you need is about 200 ml of liquid silicone emulsion and 40 ml of silicone oil which you can get at chemical stores. Don’t forget to also prepare 800 ml of mineral water.

Here’s how to make it: First, mix emulsion silicone with silicone oil in a prepared container. Make sure the mixture is evenly distributed, you can also use a mixer to make the mixing process faster

When it feels mixed, start adding mineral water little by little while continuing to stir until blended. Make sure these three liquids dissolve evenly until there are no lumps. If so, the liquid is ready to be used on the surface of the tire;