4 Important Car Components to Pay Attention

One of the innovations from automotive manufacturers is to make electric-fueled cars to be more environmentally friendly. Although many automotive manufacturers have made electric cars, there are still many who have not taken their eyes off conventional cars. In addition to maintenance that is not too complicated and easy to understand, conventional cars usually also have a variety of spare parts that are easy to find if damaged. Therefore, before the damage occurs, you can check the following components. The following are important car components that must be considered so that the car does not get damaged quickly:

Spark Plug

Spark plugs are one of the most important components in every vehicle. Not only on four-wheeled vehicles, other vehicles also need spark plugs as a lighter so that the car can continue to move. Therefore, always check your car’s spark plugs if you don’t want your car to suddenly break down on the road.


The next component is the carburetor. If there is a problem with your car’s carburetor system, it’s really annoying, right? This is because the carburetor has several other components in it. So if the carburetor system is damaged, it will be very troublesome. So, you should always check your car’s carburetor system regularly so that your car’s performance remains optimal.


Just like spark plugs, the coil is one of the most important car components. This is because the coil is an ignition system in a car engine that can increase the battery voltage by 12 volts to thousands of volts. Later, the voltage will be distributed to the spark plugs so that the spark plugs can spark a fire in the combustion chamber. Therefore, before there is damage to the coil then it spreads to damage to the spark plug components as well. So it’s good, you always check regularly on your car coil.


The next component that you should pay attention to is the distributor on the car. If this component is damaged, then the voltage from the coil will not be able to be distributed to the spark plugs so that the car engine will have problems when it is started. Usually the cause of this distributor being damaged is if you just started the car but used it immediately and did not warm up first.